Deb Swarfega Heavy SHD4LTR Hand Cleaner with Perlite 4 Litre Cartridge

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Deb Swarfega Heavy SHD4LTR Hand Cleaner with Perlite 4 Litre Cartridge


Deb Swarfega Heavy SHD4LTR Hand Cleaner with Perlite 4 Litre Cartridge

  • Swarfega Heavy Duty
  • 4 litre cartridge
  • Heavy duty hand cleaner
  • Advanced gel formulation makes it easy to apply and rinse off with no residue.
  • Contains non-abrasive micro-polymer granules.

Heavy duty gel formula hand cleanser containing non-abrasive natural scrubbing granules and added conditioner to quickly remove deeply ingrained oil and grease soiling’s and leave the skin feeling smooth after use.

Usage: For use at the end of each work period, or more frequently if required, to dissolve oil, grease, and heavy soiling quickly and effectively.

Method of Use: Apply a small amount to dry hands and rub in well to loosen all soiling’s. Rinse well with clean running water and dry hands thoroughly.

The History of Swarfega

The Solution – The Swarfega Skin Care System

The iconic, classic green gel was first invented by the Belper-based chemist Audley Bowdler Williamson in 1947. Swarfega was the first-hand cleaner of its type in the world. The name derives from “swarf”, being the old Derbyshire engineering term for oil and grease and “ega”, as in “eager to clean”. Swarfega quickly established itself as a popular choice in the 1940's and 50's with mechanics and more, who had been left with traditional tablet soaps. And so, the market for specialist hand cleansers was established with Deb leading the way.

Since then, the Swarfega brand has grown to a range of over 40 specialist cleaning products from hand cleansers to surface cleaners and remains as popular as ever. All Swarfega

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